Thursday, July 21, 2011

A New Toy

Samuel's Uma (my Mom) is here to visit for the week, and she has, of course, spoiled him with presents. She found a walker/wheelbarrow for him at Ikea, and he loves it so much. His only problem is that he can't quite seem to figure how to push both of his walkers at the same time, but he sure has tried.
Before we could even get the walker completely put together he decided to try to take it for a spin last night....He is one determined little guy...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wagon Train

One more post for tonight. Our little guy has just started doing so many funny things, and for the first time in a while I've actually been able to catch them on video.

The story behind this one: He has a little red chair that he loves to push around the house, unfortunately, we have carpet every where but the kitchen and the bathrooms, so it's pretty much impossible for him to maneuver the chair any where but the kitchen.
Today he put some of his toys on the chair and started trying to push it around the living room and got mad. So I got one of his wagons out and put the toys in there for him. Now he has a new favourite game!

Go Dogs!

My parents are UGA fans, and while we were staying with them, they got Samuel a football that plays the UGA fight song, and says "GO DOGS!"
He's been saying the word 'dog' for quite some time now, but a few weeks ago Samuel started saying "Go Dogs", or at least what sounds pretty close to it, after the fight song finished playing. I finally caught it on video tonight:

Uba, notice that he's wearing his shirt you got him for the full effect :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yum. Yum.

So.....We're still working on the utensil thing....right now they are more for drumming and throwing... But yesterday Bill was feeding him some applesauce as an appetizer to tide him over until I had dinner finished, and Samuel started using his teether as a spoon! - well... at least as a mechanism to move the food from the tray to his mouth....
At least it's progress... right?

(FYI: the background noise is Pirates of the Caribbean....We were all so engrossed with his new eating skills we blocked it out, until I started to post the video....)

Our Little Comedian...

Samuel has started playing new games, and one of his favorites is to pretend to be different Sesame Street Characters. - He has a floor puzzle mat that has several of the monsters and he and his Daddy have worked up quite a routine. They were at the end of their performance when I finally arrived with the camera, but here is a glimpse of our Clifton-style theatre:

Sunday, May 8, 2011


In looking through old photos last time we were in Blackshear my mom ran across several photos of her as a young girl perched on top of shiny new cars. She remembered one time when it was summer time and car top was very hot, but my granddaddy insisted that the photo be taken. He was very proud of his girls, and very proud of his cars.

When we were at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History last weekend they had an antique car on display. I couldn't resist taking a photo of Samuel and me with the car.
It wasn't a hot sunny day, and Samuel actually thought it was pretty cool to be perched up so high, but this one's for you, Mom, in memory of Granddaddy Hugh.

And He's Off, Walking, and Ready to Run!

Well... Samuel is getting, really, really good at walking.....
He actually did some running today, but that's still ending him in a lot of face plants.

The video below was taken in the Children's Section of the Fort Worth Science Museum, the day after Samuel decided to really start taking off on his own.
There were so many things to explore, but he spent almost the entire time running back and forth between the train table and the Lego table with two train pieces in his hands!

When we finally got him to give up the train pieces -after some bribing with a new ball and toy that we had to purchase at the museum gift shop- Samuel took off down the halls, and walked up, and down, three flights of stairs with Bill's help. Bill's poor back was killing him the next morning. But both of our backs are beginning to recover nicely now that our near 24 lb 15 month old is transporting himself.